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Ljubljana Open

by Eva Jovanova

From the 30th July to the 1st August, in the middle of the summer, my partner and I, two relatively unexperienced debaters, decided to go debating in the Western Balkans. In Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, the last international debating tournament before the great European Debating Championship (EUDC 2015 in Vienna) took place. So, we had the opportunity to debate against many well-known and skilled debaters, who used this tournament as their last preparation for the EUDC.

The motions were really good and varied from different fields, so thanks to the CAs Adam Hawksbee and Cerys Bradley we enjoyed every round! Here are the motions for all the rounds we debated as follows:

1. THBT the media should not report on the personal lives of politicians.

2. THS the use of “Sanctuary City” policies by US cities.

3. THW require all school history curricula to focus 50% of their time and resources on the role of women in history.

4. THBT South Korea should break up all Chaebol.

5. THBT, in new democracies, military leaders should not be allowed to run for public office.

(To the second and the fourth motions there were also info sheets attached.) It was a real challenge debating these motions against experienced debaters, but mostly it was a pleasure! Since there were teams from all over Europe, starting with the UK and ending with Israel, one could also notice variations in the debating style of the teams. The British debaters were noticeably more successful than all the other, non-native, teams, but fluency in English might not have been crucial for their high ranking. The debating tradition at the Universities throughout the UK proved to be invincible one more time, as two teams from Glasgow, one from Oxford and one from Cambridge landed the finale of Ljubljana Open, with Glasgow A winning the tournament.

Despite the interesting motions and skilled debaters, the judges were also relatively well picked, with one exception, an Englishman with a rather disputable debating knowledge. Unfortunately for us, he was our chair judge for two rounds. The other judges did a really great job, leaving us with a helpful feedback, so I had the feeling that I was improving myself throughout the tournament.

The guys from the debating society in Ljubljana did a great job as well, as we were well housed in a student dormitory not far from both, the centre of Ljubljana and the faculty, where the rounds took place. The food was also very tasty and the locations, where we went partying and where the finale took place, were well picked!


Altogether this participation was a great experience! Debating, enjoying the charming city, nice people from all over Europe and great food and venues were just the right ingredients for a great weekend!


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