What is Debating?

Debating is the opposite of talkshow discussions on television. On these people interrupt each other, do not engage with the opponent and often appeal to emotions or authorities. Debating on the other hand is committed to the structured exchange of arguments whilst engaging with the points brought up by the opponents. This always involves a clash of two sides – one side who defends a certain idea or change and another side which defends the opposite claim. This is what makes debating so interesting – together with the fact that as a debater you don't get to pick the side you have to defend.


This is what debating is about at its core. University Debating just takes this and lets students compete against each other. Both in the society itself, for example in weekly practice debates, and between societies at international tournaments.


If you want to know more about our society and international tournaments, just browse the other tabs on this website.


If you want to have an overview of the most common international format of debating, check out this wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Parliamentary_Style


A more in-depth document is this one: http://debate.uvm.edu/dcpdf/Morgan_BP_Text.pdf