What do we do?

We have been a debating society since 2007. We started out as an exclusively German debating club but have expanded our activities ever since. In 2012 we decided to start debating in English as well. Now we meet twice a week to practice, in English on Thursday and in German on Wednesdays. Practice involves both workshops which teach you the basics of debating and argumentation, as well as a practice debate. Sometimes we also discuss certain debating relevant topics like personal autonomy, immigration and freedom of speech.


Ganze Debatte

But activities in the society do not end there. After each session we go to the pub and have a beer together, sometimes analyzing the debate, sometimes just talking about life and happiness and stuff. When the weather allows it, we have a barbecue and debate outside which is always a good change of scenery from the stuffy seminar rooms.


And there is also the competitive aspect of debating. Students from our society regularly attend tournaments around Europe and the world. We even sent teams to the European and World Championship. Nearly every weekend there is a tournament at some place to go to. In May 2014 we also hosted our first international tournament here in Magdeburg.


So there is a broad variety of things we do and you can do apart from the weekly sessions. And the most important thing: We bring fun and interesting people together.